Who's Who

Isabelle Soerjomataram

Deputy Section Head

Section of Cancer Surveillance


Descriptive Cancer Epidemiology, Health Impact Assessment, Multiple Cancers

Academic Degrees

2007PhDCancer EpidemiologyErasmus UniversityRotterdamThe
2002MScCancer EpidemiologyErasmus UniversityRotterdam
2001MDMedicineUniversity of IndonesiaJakartaIndonesia

Current Research Projects

  • Estimating global disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) for cancer
    I Soerjomataram, J Lortet_Tieulent, D. Forman, J Ferlay, F Bray

  • World trends in cancer incidence and mortality
    F Bray, J Lortet-Tieulent, D. Forman, J Ferlay, I Soerjomataram

  • Level of development: socioeconomic inequalities and impact on cancer
    I Soerjomataram, D. Forman, F Bray with external collaborators D Conway

  • The evolution of cancer in ageing society
    I Soerjomataram, D. Forman, D Bray

  • Cancers attributable to various risk factors
    I Soerjomataram, D. Forman, I Romieu, M Jenab

Selected Publications

Soerjomataram I, Parkin M, Lortet-Tieulent J, Forman D, Ferlay J, Mathers C, Bray F. (2012) Estimating and validating disability-adjusted life years at the global level: a framework for cancer. BMC Research Methodology

Liu L, de Vries E, Louwman M, Aben K, Brink M, Coebergh JW, Soerjomataram I. (2011) Prevalence of multiple malignancies in the Netherlands in 2007. Int J Cancer 128 : 1659-67

Soerjomataram I, de Vries E, Engholm G, Paludan-Müller G, Bronnum-Hansen H, Storm H, Barendregt JJ. (2010) Impact of smoking and alcohol intervention program on lung and breast EJC 46 : 2617-24