Who's Who

Vincent Cahais

Sr Resrch Asst Data Mgt/Anlys

Epigenetics Group



Academic Degrees

2007Master bioinformatiqueUFR Blaise PascalClermont FerrandFrance
2006Maitrise génétiqueUFR Blaise PascalClermont FerrandFrance
2005Licence biologieUFR Blaise PascalClermont FerrandFrance
2003Licence informatiqueUFR Blaise PascalClermont FerrandFrance
2002DUT bioinformatiqueIUT AurillacAurillacFrance

Selected Publications

Guéguen L et al. Bio++: efficient, extensible libraries and tools for computational molecular evolution. Software and Databases for Molecular Evolutionary Biology. CFP-1201-Resources.

Gayral P et al. Reference-free population genomics from next-generation transcriptome data and the vertebrate-invertebrate gap. PLoS Genet.

Cahais, V., Gayral, P., Tsagkogeorga, G., Melo-Ferreira, J., Ballenghien, M., Weinert, L., Chiari, Y., Belkhir, K., Ranwez, V. and Galtier, N. Reference-free transcriptome assembly in nonmodel animals from next generation sequencing data. Molecular Ecology Resources 12 (5). 834-845.

Chiari,Y., Cahais, V., Galtier, N. and Delsuc, F. Phylogenomic analyses support the position of turtles as the sister group of birds and crocodiles (Archosauria). BMC Biology 10.

Tsagkogeorga G, Cahais V, Galtier N. The population genomics of a fast evolver: high levels of diversity, functional constraint, and molecular adaptation in the tunicate Ciona intestinalis. Genome Biol Evol 4 (8).