Who's Who

Academic Degrees

2014PhDPopulation Genetics and EpidemiologyUniversitat de BarcelonaBarcelonaSpain
2007MScHuman BiologyUniversitat de BarcelonaBarcelonaSpain
2005BScBiologyUniversitat de GironaGironaSpain

Current Research Projects

  • Genome-wide analyses of lung cancer
    PI : Paul Brennan

Selected Publications

Carreras-Torres R, Kundu S, Zanetti D, Esteban E, Via M, Moral P. Genetic risk scores of NOS gene variants associated to Myocardial Infarction correlates with coronary incidence across Europe. (2014) PLoS ONE.; 9(5): e96504

Parolin ML, Carreras-Torres R, Sambuco LA, Jaureguiberry SM, Iudica CE. Analysis of 15 autosomal STR loci from Mar del Plata and Bahia Blanca (Central Region of Argentina). (2014) Int J Legal Med.; 128(3): 457-9.

Rivera NV, Carreras-Torres R, Roncarati R, Viviani-Anselmi C, De Micco F, Mezzelani A, Koch W, Hoppmann P, Kastrati A, Stewart AF, Chen L, Roberts R, Karssen LC, Amin N, Trimarco V, Izzo R, Iaccarino G, Condorelli G, Puca AA, Pagnotta P, Airoldi F, Trimarco B, van Duijn CM, Condorelli G, Briguori C. Assessment of the 9p21.3 locus in severity of coronary artery disease in the presence and absence of type 2 diabetes. (2013) BMC Med Genet. 14:11

Pons-Odena M, Palanca D, Modesto V, Esteban E, González-Lamuño D, Carreras-Torres R, Palomeque A. SpO2/FiO2 as a predictor of non-invasive ventilation failure in children with hypoxemic respiratory insufficiency. (2013) J Pedriatic Int.; 2:111-119

Carreras-Torres R, Athanasiadis G, Via M, Trenchs J, Gayà-Vidal M, Santamaria J, Esteban E, Moral P. Allele-allele interaction within the F13A1 gene: A risk factor for Ischaemic Heart Disease in Spanish population. (2010) Thromb Res.; 126(3): e241-5