Who's Who

Ruhina Laskar

Postdoctoral Scientist

Genetic Epidemiology Group


Molecular Epidemiology

Academic Degrees

2015PhDMolecular EpidemiologyAssam Central UniversitySilcharIndia
2009MScBiotechnology and Molecular BiologyAssam Central UniversitySilcharIndia

Current Research Projects

  • Genomics and genome-wide analysis of kidney cancer risk and survival
    PI: Ghislaine Scelo

Selected Publications

Arseneault M, Monlong J, Vasudev NS, Laskar RS, Safisamghabadi M, Harnden P, Egevad L, Nourbehesht N, Panichnantakul P, Holcatova I, Brisuda A, Janout V, Kollarova H, Foretova L, Navratilova M, Mates D, Jinga V, Zaridze D, Mukeria A, Jandaghi P, Brennan P, Brazma A, Tost J, Scelo G, Banks RE, Lathrop M, Bourque G, Riazalhosseini Y. Loss of chromosome Y leads to down regulation of KDM5D and KDM6C epigenetic modifiers in clear cell renal cell carcinoma. (2017) Sci Rep. 7:44876

Laskar RS, Talukdar FR, Choudhury JH, Singh SA, Kundu S, Dhar B, Mondal R, Kumar Ghosh S. Association of HPV with genetic and epigenetic alterations in colorectal adenocarcinoma from Indian population. (2015) Tumour Biol. 36(6):46614670

Laskar RS, Talukdar FR, Kumar Ghosh S. Rectal cancer profiling identifies distinct subtypes in India based on age at onset, genetic, epigenetic and clinicopathological characteristics. (2015) Mol Carcinog. 54(12):17861795

Talukdar FR, Laskar RS, Kannan R, Choudhury B, Bhowmik A. Ghosh SK. Epigenetic pathogenesis of human papillomavirus in upper aerodigestive tract cancers. (2015) Mol Carcinog. 54(11):1387-96

Laskar RS, Talukdar FR, Mondal R, Kannan R, Ghosh SK. High frequency of young age rectal cancer in a tertiary care centre of southern Assam, North East India. (2014) Indian J Med Res. 139(2):314318

Prizes, Honours

PhD: Junior and Senior Research Fellowship awards from UGC, Govt of India in 2012 and 2014 respectively.