19 Septembre 2019

World Cancer Report editors Dr Elisabete Weiderpass and Dr Christopher P. Wild on future cancer prevention strategies

Dr Elisabete Weiderpass, Director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and former IARC Director Dr Christopher P. Wild respond to important questions on strategies to address the growing worldwide burden of cancer arising from both known and unknown causes. Dr Weiderpass and Dr Wild, along with Dr Bernard W. Stewart, are co-editors of the upcoming World Cancer Report.

Dr Weiderpass and Dr Wild explain some of the challenges of cancer control faced by those in high-, middle-, and low-income countries, with particular emphasis on how changing lifestyles and inequalities within and between countries are affecting cancer incidence and mortality rates.

They also describe some of the steps that IARC is taking to empower individuals and public health professionals to act to prevent cancer and to help alleviate the burden it imposes on families, economies, and health systems.

Read the interviews with Dr Weiderpass and Dr Wild
Read the interview with Dr Stewart

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Publication date: 19 Septembre, 2019, 0:58

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