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24 October 2016

IARC Monographs Volume 117: Evaluation of pentachlorophenol and some related compounds

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer agency of the World Health Organization, has evaluated the carcinogenicity of five chemical agents: pentachlorophenol, 2,4,6-trichlorophenol, 3,3′,4,4′-tetrachloroazobenzene, aldrin, and dieldrin. A summary of the evaluations has now been published in The Lancet Oncology. The detailed assessments will be published as Volume 117 of the IARC Monographs.

Guyton KZ, Loomis D, Grosse Y, El Ghissassi F, Bouvard V, Benbrahim-Tallaa L, et al.
Carcinogenicity of pentachlorophenol and some related compounds
Lancet Oncol, Published online 24 October 2016;

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Publication date: 24 October, 2016, 0:00

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