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21 February 2019

IARC Monographs Volume 119: Some Chemicals That Cause Tumours of the Urinary Tract in Rodents

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is pleased to announce that the IARC Monographs volume on some chemicals that cause tumours of the urinary tract in rodents is now available online.

This volume includes seven monographs: 1-tert-butoxypropan-2-ol, β-myrcene, furfuryl alcohol, melamine, pyridine, tetrahydrofuran, and vinylidene chloride.

Exposure to all seven agents considered may occur in different occupational settings as well as in the general population. An IARC Monographs Working Group reviewed epidemiological evidence, animal bioassays, and mechanistic and other relevant data to reach conclusions as to the carcinogenic hazard to humans of environmental or occupational exposure to these agents.

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Publication date: 21 February, 2019, 14:01

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