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10 September 2019

IARC presentation at Grand Lyon’s BIOTUESDAYS event

Dr Isabelle Soerjomataram, Deputy Head of the Section of Cancer Surveillance at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), gave a presentation about IARC’s mission and activities at a BIOTUESDAYS event, hosted by Grand Lyon, in Lyon, France, on 3 September 2019. It was the first time that a representative from IARC was invited to speak at a BIOTUESDAYS event.

The occasion gave Dr Soerjomataram the opportunity to showcase IARC’s high added value to the local scientific community and to highlight the Agency’s global network of collaborators. IARC’s mandate was presented, as well as its role in catalysing Open Science, particularly in the context of the planned relocation of the IARC headquarters to a new building in Gerland, Lyon, at the end of 2021.

BIOTUESDAYS is a networking event for the life sciences and health communities in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France. It takes place on the first Tuesday of each odd-numbered month and brings participants from the private and public sectors together to exchange information, best practices, and ideas for collaboration and joint initiatives. Initiated in 2003 by Grand Lyon, BIOTUESDAYS events are attended by an average of about 150 health and science professionals.

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