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4 November 2019

Launch of IARC Learning portal

The Education and Training Group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has launched the IARC Learning portal, an online space that hosts learning resources and courses to support the professional development of cancer researchers and health professionals.

The IARC Learning portal is organized around several thematic platforms, which offer a large variety of freely accessible learning and training resources. The platforms that are currently available are Biobanking and Cancer Prevention and Early Detection. Additional platforms are under development, on World Cancer Report, the Human Exposome Assessment Platform (HEAP) project, Cancer Surveillance, and the IARC Summer School.

The types of resources available on the thematic platforms include self-paced modules, manuals and guidelines, tutorials and demos, lectures and webinars, tip sheets and visual charts, and materials for trainers.

To access these resources, visit the website and register by creating an account, free of charge.

Visit the IARC Learning portal

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