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5 June 2019

Launch of IARC Cancer Screening in Five Continents (CanScreen5) website

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is pleased to announce the launch of the website of the IARC Cancer Screening in Five Continents (CanScreen5) project. The CanScreen5 website is a global data repository, designed to collect, analyse, and disseminate information on cancer screening programmes and activities in different countries.

The CanScreen5 project collects information on the characteristics and performance of cancer screening programmes across the globe in a harmonized manner. National data providers are invited to share information on screening programmes. The data collection tools, the standardized methodology for data collection and for estimating the performance indicators, and the facility to compare the indicators are made available through a web platform. The synthesized data are presented for a given cancer type or a selected country or through analysis tools (graphs, tables, and maps).

The IARC CanScreen5 Secretariat networks with other organizations working towards the common goal of improving the quality of cancer screening through better programme monitoring. Training of programme managers in quality assurance is a major mandate of the CanScreen5 project.

Visit the CanScreen5 website

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