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Office of the Director

Communications Group

The Communications Group (COM), as an integral part of the Office of the Director, aims to present a clear and coherent image of IARC and its work to the scientific community, the media, and the general public. COM also provides information- and publication-related services to the IARC research Sections.

Knowledge management, publishing, and information services

The IARC Knowledge Management Centre includes the IARC Publications Programme and the IARC Library.

All IARC publications are accessible through a centralized portal, the IARC Publications website. As part of IARC’s digital dissemination strategy, most of the Agency’s titles are offered online in electronic format free of charge. In addition, COM manages the IARC E-Bookshop, which offers a small range of for-sale titles. Through its agreement with WHO Press, IARC may sell books in electronic format, whereas WHO Press is responsible for sales of the print format.

COM supports the Manuscript Clearance System for external journal articles produced by IARC personnel, and coordinates copyright procedures to align with WHO practices. An increasing percentage of IARC’s journal article output is published with immediate Open Access. The Knowledge Management team also manages the granting of permissions by IARC for the use of Agency-copyrighted materials.

COM also provides information services to IARC personnel and external visitors via the institution’s library. In addition to providing access to journals and other materials in print and digital formats, the Information Services team plays a key role in training Agency personnel on various topics in scholarly communications, including using reference management software, searching to support systematic reviews, Open Access, and copyright. The Library team also measures the impact of IARC’s research output through bibliometrics.

Editing, layout, and translation services

The COM Editing and Layout team is responsible for the editing and layout of the IARC Monographs, the IARC Handbooks, and the WHO Classification of Tumours (also known as the WHO Blue Books) series, in addition to other established IARC Publications series and non-series publications. By ensuring high corporate standards, the team helps to maintain the reputation and image of the Agency. COM also produces various promotional materials about the Agency and its publications.

COM also assists IARC scientists in disseminating their research findings by providing English editing services for articles for submission to peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, and other manuscripts, as well as various materials for the IARC website, and by providing training on writing and publishing.

COM provides translation services for short documents and administers external translation services for longer documents, including translation from English to French of all official documents of the IARC Governing Council and Scientific Council.

Language courses

COM organizes successful language courses for the Agency’s personnel in English, French, and Spanish.

Media services

The IARC Communications strategy aims to increase the Agency’s visibility among all stakeholders: the scientific community, governments, public health decision-makers, cancer research entities, the general public, and the media.

The COM Media team ensures the visibility of IARC’s work by preparing news items for publication on the IARC website and by writing press releases and organizing press conferences, which lead to extensive international media coverage. The team also produces videos, animations, and infographics, which are disseminated through IARC’s social media platforms (Twitter and YouTube) to increasingly reach and engage all audiences. Major events are promoted through coordinated multimedia communications packages. The Media team also supports IARC resource mobilization initiatives, including through video interviews and photographs.

The Media team maintains and updates IARC’s database of media contacts around the world, which enables precise targeting of content: complex scientific topics are pitched to scientific media or journals, and less technical topics are shared with general news media.

The COM Media team coordinates closely with the WHO Department of Communications at all levels, with regular meetings, increased coordination on social media, sharing information, defining joint messages, and sharing communications materials.

Web services

As part of the IARC Communications strategy, the COM Web services team advances and promotes IARC’s high-level research profile by disseminating timely and accurate cancer research information to a wide range of audiences, promoting external communications, providing access to interlinked online resources and databases, and promoting the activities of the Education and Training Group. The Web services team is responsible for creating the visual identity of IARC websites and for ensuring compliance with this identity among IARC Sections and Groups.

The Web services team develops, updates, and upgrades the websites of research Sections and Groups as well as meeting websites. The IARC website is a primary means of dissemination of research results, including through the Research Project websites, and enhances the visibility of the increasing multimedia production through the Media Centre page. Various webpages also highlight the collaborative international research projects conducted by IARC and support the Agency’s resource mobilization activities.

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