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Education and Training Group

One of the statutory functions of the Agency in its mission to promote international collaboration and support of all phases of cancer research is the training and education of personnel. The Agency seeks to achieve this aim through its Education and Training Group (ETR). There are two main programmes: Courses and Fellowships, which are designed to assist the development of cancer research and prevention in all countries, with special emphasis on low- and medium-resource countries, as well as those in which such work is not well established, and to train future collaborators in the scientific programme of the Agency.

IARC Research Training Fellowships

The aim of this programme is to provide young scientists with training in a research Group at the Agency in aspects of cancer research ranging from biostatistics and epidemiology to environmental chemical carcinogenesis and mechanisms of carcinogenesis, so that they can return to their own countries to implement and develop programmes in cancer research or cancer control. The candidates selected undergo a strong peer-review process conducted through the IARC Fellowship Selection Committee, which includes scientists both from the Agency and externally.

The fellowships are especially intended for scientists from low- and medium-resource countries or for scientists from other countries with projects of benefit to low- and medium-resource countries.

For more information, see IARC Fellowships for Cancer Research.

IARC Courses Programme

The main activity of the courses programme continues to be the IARC Summer School on Cancer Epidemiology, organized in Lyon during June and July each year. This provides the opportunity for students to spend a short time at IARC and enjoy ready access to its scientists.

IARC also organizes training courses elsewhere in the world in partnership with other organizations, such as a cancer registration course held in South Africa and a cervical cancer screening course held in India. IARC brings training to the regions, particularly in low- and medium-resource settings, actively building and maintaining relationships with diverse and numerous key players in the field of cancer research, including past fellows, course attendees and course faculty. Cancer registration training leads to increased capacity in registries that contribute to the Agency’s collation of global cancer data, and training in cancer screening techniques is applied in subsequent research projects with high impact for public health. In this way, training has helped create subsequent opportunities for conducting high-quality research in a cost-effective manner, as well as providing an important mechanism for recruiting scientists to cancer research.

For more information, see IARC Training Courses.

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