Section of Cancer Surveillance


As the definitive reference source of global cancer statistics, the Section of Cancer Surveillance (CSU) supports cancer registry development, develops and disseminates global indicators, and conducts a descriptive epidemiology research programme aligned with the evolving cancer, noncommunicable disease, and development agendas.

Primary aims:

  • To improve the coverage and quality of population-based cancer registration in low- and middle-income countries through the Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development (GICR)
  • To promote and advocate the central role of population-based cancer registries in cancer control and cancer research worldwide
  • To comprehensively describe the occurrence of cancer worldwide and to improve the validity, range, timeliness, and dissemination of appropriate cancer indicators at the national, regional, and global levels
  • To develop an innovative online interface that facilitates user-friendly exploration of global cancer statistics via the Global Cancer Observatory
  • To develop a portfolio of research projects that systematically report and interpret the key patterns and the current or future trends of various cancer types regionally and globally
  • To develop innovative studies, novel methodologies, and accurate indicators that elucidate cancer’s role as a major cause of premature death, a barrier to old age, and a chronic condition linked with socioeconomic transition
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