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Section of Cancer Surveillance


There is considerable breadth in the range of activities carried out by the Section of Cancer Surveillance (CSU), but almost all of the Section’s activities are directly or indirectly linked with the pursuit of global cancer surveillance. Reliable information on the magnitude and profile of the cancer burden within a country is an indispensable foundation for cancer control. The lack of such population-based data inhibits governments’ abilities to make prudent and appropriately prioritized investments in health services for cancer control planning.

As noncommunicable disease surveillance activities are increasingly being prioritized in international and national political and research arenas, CSU is building on its expertise and long track record in cancer registration and descriptive epidemiology, aligning its activities with the evolving cancer agenda. The Section focuses equally on two overarching tasks: providing essential support and advocacy to cancer registries in low- and middle-income countries and providing and interpreting global cancer indicators through collaborative research projects on the descriptive epidemiology of cancer.

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