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Recent Publications – 12 most recent publications

1. Basu P., Ponti A., Anttila A., Ronco G., Senore C., Vale D. B., Segnan N., Tomatis M., Soerjomataram I., Primic Zakelj M., Dillner J., Elfstrom K. M., Lonnberg S., Sankaranarayanan R. (2018) Status of implementation and organization of cancer screening in The European Union Member States-Summary results from the second European screening report Int J Cancer; 142(1):44-56. PMID: 28940326

2. Fidler M. M., Gupta S., Soerjomataram I., Ferlay J., Steliarova-Foucher E., Bray F. (2017) Cancer incidence and mortality among young adults aged 20-39 years worldwide in 2012: a population-based study Lancet Oncol; 18(12):1579-1589. PMID: 29111259

3. Gupta B., Bray F., Kumar N., Johnson N. W. (2017) Associations between oral hygiene habits, diet, tobacco and alcohol and risk of oral cancer: A case-control study from India Cancer Epidemiol; 7-14. PMID: 28968558

4. Islami F., Ferlay J., Lortet-Tieulent J., Bray F., Jemal A. (2017) RE: Anal cancer: different epidemiological and clinical definitions Int J Epidemiol; 46(6):2092-2093. PMID: 29024953

5. Pesola F., Ferlay J., Sasieni P. (2017) Cancer incidence in English children, adolescents and young people: past trends and projections to 2030 Br J Cancer; 117(12):1865-1873. PMID: 29096400

6. Vaccarella S., Laversanne M., Ferlay J., Bray F. (2017) Cervical cancer in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia: Regional inequalities and changing trends Int J Cancer; 141(10):1997-2001. PMID: 28734013

7. Barbaric J., Laversanne M., Znaor A. (2017) Malignant melanoma incidence trends in a Mediterranean population following socioeconomic transition and war: results of age-period-cohort analysis in Croatia, 1989-2013 Melanoma Res; 27(5):498-502. PMID: 28800032

8. Logeman C. J., Flanigan J., Foliaki S., Bray F., Barton M., Sitas F. (2017) Cancer in small states – No small matter Cancer Epidemiol; 173-175. PMID: 29120822

9. Pineros M., Ramos W., Antoni S., Abriata G., Medina L. E., Miranda J. J., Payet E., Bray F. (2017) Cancer patterns, trends, and transitions in Peru: a regional perspective Lancet Oncol; 18(10):e573-e586. PMID: 28971824

10. Sormunen J., Arnold M., Soerjomataram I., Pukkala E. (2017) Cohort profile: a nationwide cohort of Finnish military recruits born in 1958 to study the impact of lifestyle factors in early adulthood on disease outcomes BMJ Open; 7(10):e016905. PMID: 29079604

11. Tervonen H., Foliaki S., Bray F., Roder D. (2017) Cancer epidemiology in the small nations of Pacific Islands Cancer Epidemiol; 184-192. PMID: 29120824

12. Dimitrova N., Znaor A., Agius D., Eser S., Sekerija M., Ryzhov A., Primic-Zakelj M., Coebergh J. W. (2017) Breast cancer in South-Eastern European countries since 2000: Rising incidence and decreasing mortality at young and middle ages Eur J Cancer; 43-55. PMID: 28711578

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