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1. Basu P., Ponti A., Anttila A., Ronco G., Senore C., Vale D. B., Segnan N., Tomatis M., Soerjomataram I., Primic Zakelj M., Dillner J., Elfstrom K. M., Lonnberg S., Sankaranarayanan R. (2018) Status of implementation and organization of cancer screening in The European Union Member States-Summary results from the second European screening report Int J Cancer; 142(1):44-56. PMID: 28940326

2. Garland S. M., Brotherton J. M. L., Moscicki A. B., Kaufmann A. M., Stanley M., Bhatla N., Sankaranarayanan R., de Sanjose S., Palefsky J. M. (2017) HPV vaccination of immunocompromised hosts Papillomavirus Res; 35-38. PMID: 29179867

3. Jeronimo J., Castle P. E., Temin S., Denny L., Gupta V., Kim J. J., Luciani S., Murokora D., Ngoma T., Qiao Y., Quinn M., Sankaranarayanan R., Sasieni P., Schmeler K. M., Shastri S. S. (2017) Secondary Prevention of Cervical Cancer: ASCO Resource-Stratified Clinical Practice Guideline J Glob Oncol; 3(5):635-657. PMID: 29094101

4. Zhang Q., Dong L., Hu S., Feng R., Zhang X., Pan Q., Ma J., Zhang L., Zhao X., Sankaranarayanan R., Qiao Y., Zhao F. (2017) Risk stratification and long-term risk prediction of E6 oncoprotein in a prospective screening cohort in China Int J Cancer; 141(6):1110-1119. PMID: 28560716

5. Basu P., Meheus F., Chami Y., Hariprasad R., Zhao F., Sankaranarayanan R. (2017) Management algorithms for cervical cancer screening and precancer treatment for resource-limited settings Int J Gynaecol Obstet; 26-32. PMID: 28691336

6. Gheit T., Anantharaman D., Holzinger D., Alemany L., Tous S., Lucas E., Prabhu P. R., Pawlita M., Ridder R., Rehm S., Bogers J., Maffini F., Chiocca S., Lloveras B., Kumar R. V., Somanathan T., de Sanjose S., Castellsague X., Arbyn M., Brennan P., Sankaranarayanan R., Pillai M. R., Gangane N., Tommasino M. (2017) Role of mucosal high-risk human papillomavirus types in head and neck cancers in central India Int J Cancer; 141(1):143-151. PMID: 28369859

7. Holme F., Kapambwe S., Nessa A., Basu P., Murillo R., Jeronimo J. (2017) Scaling up proven innovative cervical cancer screening strategies: Challenges and opportunities in implementation at the population level in low- and lower-middle-income countries Int J Gynaecol Obstet; 63-68. PMID: 28691331

8. Sangrajrang S., Laowahutanont P., Wongsena M., Muwonge R., Karalak A., Imsamran W., Senkomago V., Sankaranarayanan R. (2017) Comparative accuracy of Pap smear and HPV screening in Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand Papillomavirus Res; 30-35. PMID: 28720454

9. Smelov V., Hanisch R., McKay-Chopin S., Sokolova O., Eklund C., Komyakov B., Gheit T., Tommasino M. (2017) Prevalence of cutaneous beta and gamma human papillomaviruses in the anal canal of men who have sex with women Papillomavirus Res; 66-72. PMID: 28720458

10. Mittal S., Basu P., Muwonge R., Banerjee D., Ghosh I., Sengupta M. M., Das P., Dey P., Mandal R., Panda C., Biswas J., Sankaranarayanan R. (2017) Risk of high-grade precancerous lesions and invasive cancers in high-risk HPV-positive women with normal cervix or CIN 1 at baseline-A population-based cohort study Int J Cancer; 140(8):1850-1859. PMID: 28108997

11. Denny L., de Sanjose S., Mutebi M., Anderson B. O., Kim J., Jeronimo J., Herrero R., Yeates K., Ginsburg O., Sankaranarayanan R. (2017) Interventions to close the divide for women with breast and cervical cancer between low-income and middle-income countries and high-income countries Lancet; 389(10071):861-870. PMID: 27814963

12. Gadgil A., Sauvaget C., Roy N., Muwonge R., Kantharia S., Chakrabarty A., Bantwal K., Haldar I., Sankaranarayanan R. (2017) Cancer early detection program based on awareness and clinical breast examination: Interim results from an urban community in Mumbai, India Breast; 85-89. PMID: 27829200

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