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Section of Environment and Radiation

Key Recent Publications

  1. Ostroumova E, Schüz J, Kesminiene A (2020) Future of Chernobyl research: the urgency for consolidated action. Lancet 395(10229):1037-8.

  2. Hall AL, Kromhout H, Schüz J, Peters S, Portengen L, Vermeulen R, Agudo A, Ahrens W, Boffetta P, Brennan P, Canova C, Conway DI, Curado MP, Daudt AW, Fernandez L, Hashibe M, Healy CM, Holcatova I, Kjaerheim K, Koifman R, Lagiou P, Luce D, Macfarlane GJ, Menezes A, Menvielle G, Polesel J, Ramroth H, Richiardi L, Stücker I, Thomson P, Vilensky M, Wunsch-Filho V, Yuan-Chin AL, Znaor A, Straif K, Olsson A (2020) Laryngeal Cancer Risks in Workers Exposed to Lung Carcinogens: Exposure-Effect Analyses Using a Quantitative Job Exposure Matrix. Epidemiology 31:145-54

  3. Foerster M, Anderson BO, McKenzie F, Galukande M, Anele A, Adisa C, Zietsman A, Schüz J, Dos Santos Silva I, McCormack V (2019) Inequities in breast cancer treatment in sub-Saharan Africa: findings from a prospective multi-country observational study. Breast Cancer Res 21:93.

  4. Zupunski L, Ostroumova E, Drozdovitch V, Veyalkin I, Ivanov V, Yamashita S, Cardis E, Kesminiene A (2019) Thyroid Cancer after Exposure to Radioiodine in Childhood and Adolescence: 131I-Related Risk and the Role of Selected Host and Environmental Factors. Cancers (Basel) 11(10). pii: E1481

  5. Talibov M, Olsson A, Bailey H, Erdmann F, Metayer C, Magnani C, Petridou E, Auvinen A, Spector L, Clavel J, Roman E, Dockerty J, Nikkilä A, Lohi O, Kang A, Psaltopoulou T, Miligi L, Vila J, Cardis E, Schüz J (2019) Parental occupational exposure to low-frequency magnetic fields and risk of leukaemia in the offspring: findings from the Childhood Leukaemia International Consortium (CLIC). Occup Environ Med 76:746-53.

  6. Leon ME, Schinasi LH, Lebailly P, Beane Freeman LE, Nordby KC, Ferro G, Monnereau A, Brouwer M, Tual S, Baldi I, Kjaerheim K, Hofmann JN, Kristensen P, Koutros S, Straif K, Kromhout H, Schüz J (2019) Pesticide use and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoid malignancies in agricultural cohorts from France, Norway and the USA: a pooled analysis from the AGRICOH consortium. Int J Epidemiol 48:1519-35

  7. Middleton DR, Menya D, Kigen N, Oduor M, Maina SK, Some F, Chumba D, Ayuo P, Osano O, Schüz J, McCormack V (2019) Hot beverages and oesophageal cancer risk in western Kenya: findings from the ESCCAPE case-control study. Int J Cancer 144:2669-76.

  8. Olsson A, Bouaoun L, Auvinen A, Feychting M, Johansen C, Mathiesen T, Melin B, Lahkola A, Larjavaara S, Villegier AS, Byrnes G, Deltour I, Schüz J (2019) Survival of glioma patients in relation to mobile phone use in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. J Neurooncol 141:139-49

  9. Schüz J, Espina C, Wild CP (2019) Primary prevention: a need for concerted action. Mol Oncol 13:567-78

  10. Togawa K, Ahn HS, Auvinen A, Bauer AJ, Brito JP, Davies L, Kesminiene A, Laurier D, Ostroumova E, Pacini F, Reiners C, Shinkarev S, Thomas G, Tronko M, Vaccarella S, Schüz J (2018) Long-term strategies for thyroid health monitoring after nuclear accidents: recommendations from an Expert Group convened by IARC. Lancet Oncol 19:1280-3.

  11. McCormack VA, Febvey-Combes O, Ginsburg O, Dos-Santos-Silva I (2018) Breast cancer in women living with HIV: A first global estimate. Int J Cancer 143:2732-40

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  13. McCormack V, Menya D, Munishi MO, Dzamalala C, Gasmelseed N, Leon ME, Assefa M, Odipo O, Watts M, Mwasamwaja AO, Mmbaga BT, Murphy G, Abnet CC, Dawsey SM, Schüz J (2017) Informing aetiologic research priorities for squamous cell oesophageal cancer in Africa: A review of setting-specific exposures to known and putative risk factors. Int J Cancer 140:259-71

  14. Schüz J, Espina C, Villain P, Herrero R, Leon ME, Minozzi S, Romieu I, Segnan N, Wardle J, Wiseman M, Belardelli F, Bettcher D, Cavalli F, Galea G, Lenoir G, Martin-Moreno JM, Nicula FA, Olsen JH, Patnick J, Primic-Zakelj M, Puska P, van Leeuwen FE, Wiestler O, Zatonski W; Working Groups of Scientific Experts. (2015) European Code against Cancer 4th edition: 12 ways to reduce your cancer risk. Cancer Epidemiol 39(S1):S1-S10


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