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Section of Environment and Radiation

Recent Publications

12 most recent publications

  1. Apsalikov KN, Lipikhina A, Grosche B, Belikhina T, Ostroumova E, Shinkarev S, et al. (2019). The State Scientific Automated Medical Registry, Kazakhstan: an important resource for low-dose radiation health research. Radiat Environ Biophys. 58(1):1–11. PMID:30446811
  2. Brenner DR, Fehringer G, Zhang ZF, Lee YA, Meyers T, Matsuo K, et al. (2019). Alcohol consumption and lung cancer risk: A pooled analysis from the International Lung Cancer Consortium and the SYNERGY study. Cancer Epidemiol. 58:25–32. PMID:30445228
  3. Deltour I, Schlehofer B, Massardier-Pilonchéry A, Schlaefer K, Armstrong B, Giles GG, et al.; INTERPHONE Study Group (2019). Exposure to loud noise and risk of vestibular schwannoma: results from the INTERPHONE international case‒control study. Scand J Work Environ Health. 45(2):183–93. PMID:30614502
  4. Menya D, Kigen N, Oduor M, Maina SK, Some F, Chumba D, et al. (2019). Traditional and commercial alcohols and esophageal cancer risk in Kenya. Int J Cancer. 144(3):459–69. PMID:30117158
  5. Middleton DR, Menya D, Kigen N, Oduor M, Maina SK, Some F, et al. (2019). Hot beverages and oesophageal cancer risk in western Kenya: Findings from the ESCCAPE case-control study. Int J Cancer. 144(11):2669–76. PMID:30496610
  6. Olivier M, Bouaoun L, Villar S, Robitaille A, Cahais V, Heguy A, et al.; PRECAMA team (2019). Molecular features of premenopausal breast cancers in Latin American women: Pilot results from the PRECAMA study. PLoS One. 14(1):e0210372. PMID:30653559
  7. Olsson A, Bouaoun L, Auvinen A, Feychting M, Johansen C, Mathiesen T, et al. (2019). Survival of glioma patients in relation to mobile phone use in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. J Neurooncol. 141(1):139–49. PMID:30421160
  8. Röösli M, Lagorio S, Schoemaker MJ, Schüz J, Feychting M (2019). Brain and salivary gland tumors and mobile phone use: Evaluating the evidence from various epidemiological study designs. Annu Rev Public Health. 40:221–38. PMID:30633716
  9. Schüz J, Espina C, Wild CP (2019). Primary prevention: a need for concerted action. Mol Oncol. 13(3):567–78. PMID:30582778
  10. Wild CP, Espina C, Bauld L, Bonanni B, Brenner H, Brown K, et al. (2019). Cancer prevention europe. Mol Oncol. 13(3):528–34. PMID:30667152
  11. Byrnes, G. (2018). Modern statistics, multiple testing and wishful thinking. Occup Environ Med, 75(7), 477-478. PMID: 29523703
  12. Cao, B., Hill, C., Bonaldi, C., Leon, M. E., Menvielle, G., Arwidson, P., Bray, F., & Soerjomataram, I. (2018). Cancers attributable to tobacco smoking in france in 2015. Eur J Public Health, 28(4), 707-712. PMID: 29741657
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