Section of Evidence Synthesis and Classification

Section of Evidence Synthesis and Classification – IARC Monographs Group

Recent Publications – 12 most recent publications


1. Toman J., Malir F., Ostry V., Kilic M. A., Roubal T., Grosse Y., Pfohl-Leszkowicz A. (2018) Transfer of ochratoxin A from raw black tea to tea infusions prepared according to the Turkish tradition J Sci Food Agric; 98(1):261-265. PMID: 28580652

2. Loomis D., Guyton K. Z., Grosse Y., El Ghissassi F., Bouvard V., Benbrahim-Tallaa L., Guha N., Vilahur N., Mattock H., Straif K. (2017) Carcinogenicity of benzene Lancet Oncol; 18(12):1574-1575. PMID: 29107678

3. Steenland K., Barry V., Anttila A., Sallmen M., McElvenny D., Todd A. C., Straif K. (2017) A cohort mortality study of lead-exposed workers in the USA, Finland and the UK Occup Environ Med; 74(11):785-791. PMID: 28546320

4. Cree I. A., Uttley L., Buckley Woods H., Kikuchi H., Reiman A., Harnan S., Whiteman B. L., Philips S. T., Messenger M., Cox A., Teare D., Sheils O., Shaw J. (2017) The evidence base for circulating tumour DNA blood-based biomarkers for the early detection of cancer: a systematic mapping review BMC cancer; 17(1):697. PMID: 29061138

5. Grosse Y., Loomis D., Guyton K. Z., El Ghissassi F., Bouvard V., Benbrahim-Tallaa L., Mattock H., Straif K. (2017) Some chemicals that cause tumours of the urinary tract in rodents Lancet Oncol; 18(8):1003-1004. PMID: 28666821

6. Loomis D., Guyton K. Z., Straif K., Wild C. P. (2017) Classification schemes for carcinogenicity based on hazard identification serve science and society Regul Toxicol Pharmacol; 356-357. PMID: 28216242

7. Schonfeld S. J., Kovalevskiy E. V., Feletto E., Bukhtiyarov I. V., Kashanskiy S. V., Moissonier M., Straif K., McCormack V. A., Schuz J., Kromhout H. (2017) Temporal Trends in Airborne Dust Concentrations at a Large Chrysotile Mine and its Asbestos-enrichment Factories in the Russian Federation During 1951-2001 Ann Work Expo Health; 61(7):797-808. PMID: 28810689

8. Feletto E., Schonfeld S. J., Kovalevskiy E. V., Bukhtiyarov I. V., Kashanskiy S. V., Moissonnier M., Straif K., Schuz J., Kromhout H. (2017) A comparison of parallel dust and fibre measurements of airborne chrysotile asbestos in a large mine and processing factories in the Russian Federation Int J Hyg Environ Health; 220(5):857-868. PMID: 28457891

9. Trahearn N., Epstein D., Cree I., Snead D., Rajpoot N. (2017) Hyper-Stain Inspector: A Framework for Robust Registration and Localised Co-Expression Analysis of Multiple Whole-Slide Images of Serial Histology Sections Sci Rep; 7(1):5641. PMID: 28717124

10. Cohen A. J., Brauer M., Burnett R., Anderson H. R., Frostad J., Estep K., Balakrishnan K., Brunekreef B., Dandona L., Dandona R., Feigin V., Freedman G., Hubbell B., Jobling A., Kan H., Knibbs L., Liu Y., Martin R., Morawska L., Pope C. A. 3rd, Shin H., Straif K., Shaddick G., Thomas M., van Dingenen R., van Donkelaar A., Vos T., Murray C. J. L., Forouzanfar M. H. (2017) Estimates and 25-year trends of the global burden of disease attributable to ambient air pollution: an analysis of data from the Global Burden of Diseases Study 2015 Lancet; 389(10082):1907-1918. PMID: 28408086

11. Fehringer G., Brenner D. R., Zhang Z. F., Lee Y. A., Matsuo K., Ito H., Lan Q., Vineis P., Johansson M., Overvad K., Riboli E., Trichopoulou A., Sacerdote C., Stucker I., Boffetta P., Brennan P., Christiani D. C., Hong Y. C., Landi M. T., Morgenstern H., Schwartz A. G., Wenzlaff A. S., Rennert G., McLaughlin J. R., Harris C. C., Olivo-Marston S., Orlow I., Park B. J., Zauderer M., Barros Dios J. M., Ruano Ravina A., Siemiatycki J., Koushik A., Lazarus P., Fernandez-Somoano A., Tardon A., Le Marchand L., Brenner H., Saum K. U., Duell E. J., Andrew A. S., Szeszenia-Dabrowska N., Lissowska J., Zaridze D., Rudnai P., Fabianova E., Mates D., Foretova L., Janout V., Bencko V., Holcatova I., Pesatori A. C., Consonni D., Olsson A., Straif K., Hung R. J. (2017) Alcohol and lung cancer risk among never smokers: A pooled analysis from the international lung cancer consortium and the SYNERGY study Int J Cancer; 140(9):1976-1984. PMID: 28120396

12. Guha N., Loomis D., Guyton K. Z., Grosse Y., El Ghissassi F., Bouvard V., Benbrahim-Tallaa L., Vilahur N., Muller K., Straif K. (2017) Carcinogenicity of welding, molybdenum trioxide, and indium tin oxide Lancet Oncol; 18(5):581-582. PMID: 28408286

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