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1. Chen A. A., Gheit T., Stellin M., Lupato V., Spinato G., Fuson R., Menegaldo A., McKay-Chopin S., Dal Cin E., Tirelli G., Da Mosto M. C., Tommasino M., Boscolo-Rizzo P. (2017) Oncogenic DNA viruses found in salivary gland tumors Oral Oncol; 106-110. PMID: 29224806

2. Haeggblom L., Ramqvist T., Tommasino M., Dalianis T., Nasman A. (2017) Time to change perspectives on HPV in oropharyngeal cancer. A systematic review of HPV prevalence per oropharyngeal sub-site the last 3 years Papillomavirus Res; 1-11. PMID: 29179862

3. Spagnoli G., Pouyanfard S., Cavazzini D., Canali E., Maggi S., Tommasino M., Bolchi A., Muller M., Ottonello S. (2017) Broadly neutralizing antiviral responses induced by a single-molecule HPV vaccine based on thermostable thioredoxin-L2 multiepitope nanoparticles Sci Rep; 7(1):18000. PMID: 29269879

4. Venuti A., Pastori C., Siracusano G., Pennisi R., Riva A., Tommasino M., Sciortino M. T., Lopalco L. (2017) The Abrogation of Phosphorylation Plays a Relevant Role in the CCR5 Signalosome Formation with Natural Antibodies to CCR5 Viruses; 10(1):. PMID: 29283386

5. Harwood C. A., Toland A. E., Proby C. M., Euvrard S., Hofbauer G. F. L., Tommasino M., Bouwes Bavinck J. N. (2017) The pathogenesis of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in organ transplant recipients Br J Dermatol; 177(5):1217-1224. PMID: 29086420

6. Di Bonito P., Iaconelli M., Gheit T., Tommasino M., Della Libera S., Bonadonna L., La Rosa G. (2017) Detection of oncogenic viruses in water environments by a Luminex-based multiplex platform for high throughput screening of infectious agents Water Res; 549-555. PMID: 28704770

7. Nunes E. M., Lopez R. V. M., Sudenga S. L., Gheit T., Tommasino M., Baggio M. L., Ferreira S., Galan L., Silva R. C., Lazcano-Ponce E., Giuliano A. R., Villa L. L., Sichero L., H. I. M. Study group (2017) Concordance of Beta-papillomavirus across anogenital and oral anatomic sites of men: The HIM Study Virology; 55-59. PMID: 28708973

8. Pacini L., Ceraolo M. G., Venuti A., Melita G., Hasan U. A., Accardi R., Tommasino M. (2017) UV Radiation Activates Toll-Like Receptor 9 Expression in Primary Human Keratinocytes, an Event Inhibited by Human Papillomavirus 38 E6 and E7 Oncoproteins J Virol; 91(19):. PMID: 28724760

9. Viarisio D., Gissmann L., Tommasino M. (2017) Human papillomaviruses and carcinogenesis: well-established and novel models Curr Opin Virol; 56-62. PMID: 28778034

10. Dona M. G., Rollo F., Pichi B., Spriano G., Pellini R., Covello R., Pescarmona E., Fabbri G., Scalfari M., Gheit T., Benevolo M. (2017) Evaluation of the Xpert(R) HPV assay in the detection of Human Papillomavirus in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded oropharyngeal carcinomas Oral Oncol; 117-122. PMID: 28797447

11. Binois R., Nadal M., Esteve E., De Muret A., Kerdraon R., Gheit T., Tommasino M., Gaboriaud P., Touze A., Samimi M. (2017) Cutaneous Kaposi sarcoma during treatment with superpotent topical steroids and methotrexate for bullous pemphigoid: three cases Eur J Dermatol; 27(4):369-374. PMID: 28659250

12. Brancaccio R. N., Robitaille A., Dutta S., Rollison D. E., Fischer N., Grundhoff A., Tommasino M., Gheit T. (2017) Complete Genome Sequence of a Novel Human Gammapapillomavirus Isolated from Skin Genome Announc; 5(34):. PMID: 28839025

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