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Section of Infections

Infections and Cancer Biology Group

Current Topics

  • Mechanistic studies on well-established and potential novel oncogenic viruses
  • Evaluation of the impact of different beta human papillomavirus (HPV) types in the activation of the inflammasome by different stimuli
  • Characterization of the biological properties of Merkel cell polyomavirus and novel polyomavirus

Development of laboratory assays and protocols for the detection of known and novel viruses:

  • Generation of novel diagnostic assays based on Luminex technology
  • Establishing next-generation sequencing-based protocols for the isolation of novel infectious agents in human tissues

Epidemiological studies:

  • Characterization of the role of mucosal high-risk HPV types in head and neck cancers in different geographical regions
  • Determination of the prevalence of beta and gamma HPV types at different anatomical sites in healthy populations and in immunosuppressed individuals and patients with cancer


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