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Sections of Infections

Infections and Cancer Epidemiology Group

Current Research Topics

  • Monitoring human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and HPV screening programmes to promote sustained implementation in Bhutan and Rwanda.

  • Natural history of HPV infection in cancer of the head and neck, and implications for prevention.

  • Anal HPV infection and precancerous lesions in HIV-infected men: implications for prevention and treatment.

  • Modelling the impact of HPV vaccination and cervical screening in Europe and in low- and middle-income countries.

  • Fraction of cancer attributable to infections: new methods and a focus on special populations and ill-defined attributions.

  • Innovative statistical methods for the study of infections and cancer.

  • Innovative statistical methods to estimate the impact of temporal changes in lifestyle, screening, and diagnostic practices on cancer trends.

  • Causes of the epidemic of differentiated thyroid carcinomas.
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