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1. Huskova H., Ardin M., Weninger A., Vargova K., Barrin S., Villar S., Olivier M., Stopka T., Herceg Z., Hollstein M., Zavadil J., Korenjak M. (2017) Modeling cancer driver events in vitro using barrier bypass-clonal expansion assays and massively parallel sequencing Oncogene; 36(43):6041-6048. PMID: 28692054

2. Huang M. N., Yu W., Teoh W. W., Ardin M., Jusakul A., Ng A. W. T., Boot A., Abedi-Ardekani B., Villar S., Myint S. S., Othman R., Poon S. L., Heguy A., Olivier M., Hollstein M., Tan P., Teh B. T., Sabapathy K., Zavadil J., Rozen S. G. (2017) Genome-scale mutational signatures of aflatoxin in cells, mice, and human tumors Genome Res; 27(9):1475-1486. PMID: 28739859

3. Zhivagui M., Korenjak M., Zavadil J. (2017) Modelling Mutation Spectra of Human Carcinogens Using Experimental Systems Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol; 16-22. PMID: 27754614

4. Dutta S., Robitaille A., Olivier M., Rollison D. E., Tommasino M., Gheit T. (2017) Genome Sequence of a Novel Human Gammapapillomavirus Isolated from Skin Genome Announc; 5(23):. PMID: 28596396

5. Hollstein M., Alexandrov L. B., Wild C. P., Ardin M., Zavadil J. (2017) Base changes in tumour DNA have the power to reveal the causes and evolution of cancer Oncogene; 36(2):158-167. PMID: 27270430

6. Vojtechova Z., Zavadil J., Klozar J., Grega M., Tachezy R. (2017) Comparison of the miRNA expression profiles in fresh frozen and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tonsillar tumors PLoS ONE; 12(6):e0179645. PMID: 28644855

7. Bouaoun L., Sonkin D., Ardin M., Hollstein M., Byrnes G., Zavadil J., Olivier M. (2016) TP53 Variations in Human Cancers: New Lessons from the IARC TP53 Database and Genomics Data Hum Mutat; 37(9):865-76. PMID: 27328919

8. Vargova J., Vargova K., Dusilkova N., Kulvait V., Pospisil V., Zavadil J., Trneny M., Klener P., Stopka T. (2016) Differential expression, localization and activity of MARCKS between mantle cell lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia Blood Cancer J; 6(9):e475. PMID: 27662204

9. Fernandez-Cuesta L., Perdomo S., Avogbe P. H., Leblay N., Delhomme T. M., Gaborieau V., Abedi-Ardekani B., Chanudet E., Olivier M., Zaridze D., Mukeria A., Vilensky M., Holcatova I., Polesel J., Simonato L., Canova C., Lagiou P., Brambilla C., Brambilla E., Byrnes G., Scelo G., Le Calvez-Kelm F., Foll M., McKay J. D., Brennan P. (2016) Identification of Circulating Tumor DNA for the Early Detection of Small-cell Lung Cancer EBioMedicine; 117-23. PMID: 27377626

10. He S., Limi S., McGreal R. S., Xie Q., Brennan L. A., Kantorow W. L., Kokavec J., Majumdar R., Hou H., Edelmann W., Liu W., Ashery-Padan R., Zavadil J., Kantorow M., Skoultchi A. I., Stopka T., Cvekl A. (2016) Chromatin remodeling enzyme Snf2h regulates embryonic lens differentiation and denucleation Development; 143(11):1937-1947. PMID: 27246713

11. Ma X., Le Teuff G., Lacas B., Tsao M. S., Graziano S., Pignon J. P., Douillard J. Y., Le Chevalier T., Seymour L., Filipits M., Pirker R., Janne P. A., Shepherd F. A., Brambilla E., Soria J. C., Hainaut P. (2016) Prognostic and Predictive Effect of TP53 Mutations in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer from Adjuvant Cisplatin-Based Therapy Randomized Trials: A LACE-Bio Pooled Analysis J Thorac Oncol; 11(6):850-61. PMID: 26899019

12. Tissot C., Villar S., Olivier M., Couraud S. (2016) [Free circulating DNA as a tool for lung cancer patients management] Rev Pneumol Clin; 72(1):61-71. PMID: 26190335

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