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Social Inequalities


The publication “Reducing social inequalities in cancer: evidence and priorities for research” summarizes the current high-quality scientific evidence on the topic and identifies research priorities needed to decrease social inequalities in cancer. This IARC Scientific Publication was developed to inform the scientific community, stimulate action on social inequalities and cancer, and serve as a reference for policy-makers and public health officials on a topic that is gaining increasing importance on the global agenda. The content is presented in a form which can be translated into effective cancer control policies, linking to specific examples of interventions that may reduce inequalities in cancer.

This volume serves as a foundation for collaborative research activities on social inequalities in cancer worldwide. For effective communication of knowledge, the use of technical terms has been limited to those needed to explain key concepts, and such terms are always accompanied by definitions and examples.

The publication is multidisciplinary, benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of more than 70 internationally recognized experts from many different fields, including descriptive, analytical, and field epidemiology, public health, social epidemiology, the social sciences, biostatistics, economics, health economics, and the law.

A special focus is given to how the phenomenon of inequalities in cancer evolves and is reshaped over time, driven by economic, social, political, legislative, and technological forces; it affects everyone, but the most disadvantaged individuals and vulnerable groups are particularly hard hit.

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