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2018 - [18 articles as of 13th December 2018]
1. Status of implementation and organization of cancer screening in The European Union Member States-Summary results from the second European screening report
Basu P., Ponti A., Anttila A., Ronco G., Senore C., Vale D. B., Segnan N., Tomatis M., Soerjomataram I., Primic Zakelj M., Dillner J., Elfstrom K. M., Lonnberg S., Sankaranarayanan R. (2018) Int J Cancer; 142(1): 44-56.
PMID: 28940326
2. Survival from tumours of the central nervous system in Danish children: Is survival related to family circumstances?
Erdmann F., Winther J. F., Dalton S. O., Zeeb H., Kroyer A., Bautz A., Schmiegelow K., Schuz J. (2018) Int J Cancer; 142(4): 671-680.
PMID: 28971474
3. Circulating Folate, Vitamin B6, and Methionine in Relation to Lung Cancer Risk in the Lung Cancer Cohort Consortium (LC3)
Fanidi A., Muller D. C., Yuan J. M., Stevens V. L., Weinstein S. J., Albanes D., Prentice R., Thomsen C. A., Pettinger M., Cai Q., Blot W. J., Wu J., Arslan A. A., Zeleniuch-Jacquotte A., McCullough M. L., Le Marchand L., Wilkens L. R., Haiman C. A., Zhang X., Han J., Stampfer M. J., Smith-Warner S. A., Giovannucci E., Giles G. G., Hodge A. M., Severi G., Johansson M., Grankvist K., Langhammer A., Krokstad S., Naess M., Wang R., Gao Y. T., Butler L. M., Koh W. P., Shu X. O., Xiang Y. B., Li H., Zheng W., Lan Q., Visvanathan K., Bolton J. H., Ueland P. M., Midttun O., Ulvik A., Caporaso N. E., Purdue M., Ziegler R. G., Freedman N. D., Buring J. E., Lee I. M., Sesso H. D., Gaziano J. M., Manjer J., Ericson U., Relton C., Brennan P., Johansson M. (2018) J Natl Cancer Inst; 110(1): .
PMID: 28922778
4. DNA Methylation Analysis from Blood Spots: Increasing Yield and Quality for Genome-Wide and Locus-Specific Methylation Analysis
Ghantous A., Hernandez-Vargas H., Herceg Z. (2018) Methods Mol Biol; 605-619.
PMID: 29224166
5. Roadmap for investigating epigenome deregulation and environmental origins of cancer
Herceg Z., Ghantous A., Wild C. P., Sklias A., Casati L., Duthie S. J., Fry R., Issa J. P., Kellermayer R., Koturbash I., Kondo Y., Lepeule J., Lima S. C. S., Marsit C. J., Rakyan V., Saffery R., Taylor J. A., Teschendorff A. E., Ushijima T., Vineis P., Walker C. L., Waterland R. A., Wiemels J., Ambatipudi S., Degli Esposti D., Hernandez-Vargas H. (2018) Int J Cancer; 142(5): 874-882.
PMID: 28836271
6. Individual radiation exposure from computed tomography: a survey of paediatric practice in French university hospitals, 2010-2013
Journy N. M. Y., Dreuil S., Boddaert N., Chateil J. F., Defez D., Ducou-le-Pointe H., Garcier J. M., Guersen J., Habib Geryes B., Jahnen A., Lee C., Payen-de-la-Garanderie J., Pracros J. P., Sirinelli D., Thierry-Chef I., Bernier M. O. (2018) Eur Radiol; 28(2): 630-641.
PMID: 28836026
7. Anti-Mullerian hormone and risk of ovarian cancer in nine cohorts
Jung S., Allen N., Arslan A. A., Baglietto L., Barricarte A., Brinton L. A., Egleston B. L., Falk R. T., Fortner R. T., Helzlsouer K. J., Gao Y., Idahl A., Kaaks R., Krogh V., Merritt M. A., Lundin E., Onland-Moret N. C., Rinaldi S., Schock H., Shu X. O., Sluss P. M., Staats P. N., Sacerdote C., Travis R. C., Tjonneland A., Trichopoulou A., Tworoger S. S., Visvanathan K., Weiderpass E., Zeleniuch-Jacquotte A., Dorgan J. F. (2018) Int J Cancer; 142(2): 262-270.
PMID: 28921520
8. Impact of gender-neutral or girls-only vaccination against human papillomavirus-Results of a community-randomized clinical trial (I)
Lehtinen M., Soderlund-Strand A., Vanska S., Luostarinen T., Eriksson T., Natunen K., Apter D., Baussano I., Harjula K., Hokkanen M., Kuortti M., Palmroth J., Petaja T., Pukkala E., Rekonen S., Siitari-Mattila M., Surcel H. M., Tuomivaara L., Paavonen J., Dillner J., Dubin G., Garnett G. (2018) Int J Cancer; 142(5): 949-958.
PMID: 29055031
9. The INTEROCC case-control study: risk of meningioma and occupational exposure to selected combustion products, dusts and other chemical agents
McElvenny D. M., van Tongeren M., Turner M. C., Benke G., Figuerola J., Fleming S., Hours M., Kincl L., Krewski D., McLean D., Parent M. E., Richardson L., Schlehofer B., Schlaefer K., Sadetzki S., Schuz J., Siemiatycki J., Cardis E. (2018) Occup Environ Med; 75(1): 12-22.
PMID: 28947494
10. Inventory on the dietary assessment tools available and needed in africa: a prerequisite for setting up a common methodological research infrastructure for nutritional surveillance, research, and prevention of diet-related non-communicable diseases
Pisa P. T., Landais E., Margetts B., Vorster H. H., Friedenreich C. M., Huybrechts I., Martin-Prevel Y., Branca F., Lee W. T. K., Leclercq C., Jerling J., Zotor F., Amuna P., Al Jawaldeh A., Aderibigbe O. R., Amoussa W. H., Anderson C. A. M., Aounallah-Skhiri H., Atek M., Benhura C., Chifamba J., Covic N., Dary O., Delisle H., El Ati J., El Hamdouchi A., El Rhazi K., Faber M., Kalimbira A., Korkalo L., Kruger A., Ledo J., Machiweni T., Mahachi C., Mathe N., Mokori A., Mouquet-Rivier C., Mutie C., Nashandi H. L., Norris S. A., Onabanjo O. O., Rambeloson Z., Saha F. B. U., Ubaoji K. I., Zaghloul S., Slimani N. (2018) Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr; 58(1): 37-61.
PMID: 25486107
11. Site-specific Solid Cancer Mortality After Exposure to Ionizing Radiation: A Cohort Study of Workers (INWORKS)
Richardson D. B., Cardis E., Daniels R. D., Gillies M., Haylock R., Leuraud K., Laurier D., Moissonnier M., Schubauer-Berigan M. K., Thierry-Chef I., Kesminiene A. (2018) Epidemiology; 29(1): 31-40.
PMID: 28991003
12. Cervical Cancer Screening: The Transformational Role of Routine Human Papillomavirus Testing
Ronco G., Franceschi S. (2018) Ann Intern Med; 168(1): 75-76.
PMID: 29181508
13. CASP9 germline mutation in a family with multiple brain tumors
Ronellenfitsch M. W., Oh J. E., Satomi K., Sumi K., Harter P. N., Steinbach J. P., Felsberg J., Capper D., Voegele C., Durand G., McKay J., Le Calvez-Kelm F., Schittenhelm J., Klink B., Mittelbronn M., Ohgaki H. (2018) Brain Pathol; 28(1): 94-102.
PMID: 27935156
14. Durability of Protection Afforded by Fewer Doses of the HPV16/18 Vaccine: The CVT Trial
Safaeian M., Sampson J. N., Pan Y., Porras C., Kemp T. J., Herrero R., Quint W., van Doorn L. J., Schussler J., Lowy D. R., Schiller J., Schiffman M. T., Rodriguez A. C., Gail M. H., Hildesheim A., Gonzalez P., Pinto L. A., Kreimer A. R. (2018) J Natl Cancer Inst; 110(2): .
PMID: 28954299
15. New cancer cases in France in 2015 attributable to different levels of alcohol consumption
Shield K. D., Marant Micallef C., Hill C., Touvier M., Arwidson P., Bonaldi C., Ferrari P., Bray F., Soerjomataram I. (2018) Addiction; 113(2): 247-256.
PMID: 28833736
16. An international prospective cohort study of mobile phone users and health (COSMOS): Factors affecting validity of self-reported mobile phone use
Toledano M. B., Auvinen A., Tettamanti G., Cao Y., Feychting M., Ahlbom A., Fremling K., Heinavaara S., Kojo K., Knowles G., Smith R. B., Schuz J., Johansen C., Poulsen A. H., Deltour I., Vermeulen R., Kromhout H., Elliott P., Hillert L. (2018) Int J Hyg Environ Health; 221(1): 1-8.
PMID: 29056311
17. Transfer of ochratoxin A from raw black tea to tea infusions prepared according to the Turkish tradition
Toman J., Malir F., Ostry V., Kilic M. A., Roubal T., Grosse Y., Pfohl-Leszkowicz A. (2018) J Sci Food Agric; 98(1): 261-265.
PMID: 28580652
18. Consumption of fruits, vegetables and fruit juices and differentiated thyroid carcinoma risk in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study
Zamora-Ros R., Beraud V., Franceschi S., Cayssials V., Tsilidis K. K., Boutron-Ruault M. C., Weiderpass E., Overvad K., Tjonneland A., Eriksen A. K., Bonnet F., Affret A., Katzke V., Kuhn T., Boeing H., Trichopoulou A., Valanou E., Karakatsani A., Masala G., Grioni S., Santucci de Magistris M., Tumino R., Ricceri F., Skeie G., Parr C. L., Merino S., Salamanca-Fernandez E., Chirlaque M. D., Ardanaz E., Amiano P., Almquist M., Drake I., Hennings J., Sandstrom M., Bueno-de-Mesquita H. B. A., Peeters P. H., Khaw K. T., Wareham N. J., Schmidt J. A., Perez-Cornago A., Aune D., Riboli E., Slimani N., Scalbert A., Romieu I., Agudo A., Rinaldi S. (2018) Int J Cancer; 142(3): 449-459.
PMID: 28688112
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