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In accordance with WHO procedures, and as a French Government requirement, trainees, students, postdocs, fellows, and visiting scientists (Early Career and Visiting Scientists) are required to take out privately an appropriate illness and accident insurance policy to cover themselves and their accompanying dependants for the duration of their stay in Lyon, as from day one.

IARC staff members have compulsory coverage with WHO Staff Health Insurance (SHI). For more information (in-house access only), you can consult the IARC Intranet or the WHO Intranet.

Early Career and Visiting Scientists are free to choose their health insurance provider.

However, if it is not possible for them to obtain health insurance valid for France in their country of origin or in France, foreign postdocs and visiting scientists can take out health insurance for themselves and their families (spouse and children) with the AXA insurance company via the Kastler Foundation, after having first obtained a “Guest Researcher Card number” by registering on the Foundation’s website (www.fnak.fr). Foreign doctoral students can also apply for themselves and for their dependants. French doctoral students and above who are not entitled to coverage by the French Social Security can also apply.

The application form can be filled in online on the Foundation’s website in either English or French.

Two options are available:

  • Formule 1” option: possibility of taking out insurance for periods ranging from 1 month to 1 year, renewable. The costs of childbirth are not covered, but expenses during pregnancy are.
  • “Santé+” option: subscription of a minimum of 1 year, extendable. Higher reimbursement, plus coverage of expenses during pregnancy and for childbirth (need to have paid into the scheme for a minimum of 10 months before claiming for costs of childbirth).

Rates depend on the person’s age (0 to 65 years) and the length of stay in Lyon. All members of the same family must be insured at the same level (either the “Formule 1” option or the “Santé+” option). In most cases, health insurance premiums are reimbursed to Early Career and Visiting Scientists within the IARC ceiling rates.

For all related questions, you can consult the Kastler Foundation website (www.fnak.fr) or Ms E. El Akroud (room 1109, ext. 8448, email: elakroude@iarc.fr), or contact AXA (agence.cabinetbaume@axa.fr).

A brochure covering the reimbursement of health expenses in France is available in the “Chroniques de la FnAK” no. 47 (in French and English; pages 9-11; http://www.fnak.fr/images_messages/image1/617.pdf).


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