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In France, it is compulsory to take out personal liability insurance. This insurance can be taken out separately, but it is most often included in multi-risk home insurance (“assurance multirisques habitation”; MRH) taken out on your main residence, which is also compulsory. This home insurance will not only cover personal responsibility and that of other occupiers of your home but will also cover personal effects and your place of residence against fire, flooding, burglary, etc.

You are free to choose your insurance company; however, three possibilities are usually offered to people coming to the Agency:

  • Via the Kastler Foundation for doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows, and for scientific visitors coming from abroad, after having first obtained your “Guest Researcher Card number” by registering on the Foundation’s website (www.fnak.fr). The AXA insurance company provides this type of insurance at an annual cost of €75 to insure three main rooms (excluding kitchen and bathroom) and €112 for four main rooms (excluding kitchen and bathroom). The requester must fill in the first three pages of the application form entitled “Demande de garantie” online on the Foundation’s website and send it to the local insurance company taking care of the policy (AXA Assurances, Cabinet ABC Assurances, Place Saint-Martin, B.P. 44077, 25114 Baumes-les-Dames Cedex).

    The contract is established on an annual basis and must therefore be renewed upon request.

  • Via Cabinet Assurnoo, 9 rue de la Claire, 69009 Lyon (Tel:; www.assurnoo.com). Insurance is provided by the GAN insurance company at an approximate annual cost of €145 for a studio, €195 for two main rooms, and €270 for three main rooms.

    The contract is taken out for 1 year, with tacit renewal from one year to the next. It is therefore advisable to cancel the contract before leaving your residence, and include a copy of the inventory carried out upon arrival or any similar list established with the landlord.

  • Banks can also provide multi-risk home insurance. You can make enquiries with your bank on arrival.

Useful links

Kastler Foundation: www.fnak.fr
Cabinet Assurnoo: www.assurnoo.com