IARC Scientific Publication No. 161: Air Pollution and Cancer

IARC Scientific Publication No. 161
Air Pollution and Cancer
Editors: Kurt Straif, Aaron Cohen, and Jonathan Samet

eISBN 978-92-832-2161-6

ISSN 0300-5085

ISBN 978-92-832-2166-1


The IARC Monographs Programme convened a multidisciplinary Advisory Group that included epidemiologists, toxicologists, atmospheric scientists, cancer biologists, and regulators to make recommendations for the development of a series of Monographs on air pollution. This book provides the updated state-of-the-art overviews from this Advisory Group on topics related to exposure characterization, atmospheric and engineering sciences, epidemiological studies on cancer, results of pertinent cancer bioassays, and data elucidating potential mechanisms of carcinogenicity of compounds related to air pollution.

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Geographical distribution of air pollutants
Characterizing exposures to atmospheric carcinogens
Combustion emissions
Sources of air pollution: gasoline and diesel engines
Household use of biomass fuels
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in ambient air and cancer
Hazardous air pollutants: approaches and challenges in identifying assessment priorities
Household air pollution
Using experimental data to evaluate the carcinogenicity of mixtures in air pollution
Mechanistic considerations for air pollution and lung cancer: genotoxicity and molecular biomarker data from experimental and human studies
Biomarkers of air pollution: DNA and protein adducts
Combined effect of air pollution with other agents