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Tony McMichael (3 October 1942–26 September 2014)

29/09/2014 The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is deeply saddened by the passing of Professor Tony McMichael, an Australian epidemiologist and long-time collaborator of the Agency, who died on 26 September 2014, after a short illness.
Dr McMichael had been a Member (1989–1992) and Chairman (1991–1992) of the IARC Scientific Council. He was internationally eminent as an environmental epidemiologist, and pioneered and led research on health impacts of global warming.
He will be remembered by all who knew him as a warm and caring human being.
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Le CIRC appelle à l’action les pays au fardeau élevé de cancer de l'estomac à agir pour prévenir cette maladie

24/09/2014 Un nouveau rapport du Centre international de Recherche sur le Cancer (CIRC), l'agence spécialisée de l'Organisation mondiale de la santé sur le cancer, demande instamment aux autorités de santé des pays dont le fardeau de cancer de l'estomac est élevé à faire figurer le cancer de l'estomac dans leurs programmes de lutte contre le cancer et à affecter davantage de ressources à la lutte contre cette maladie. Communiqué de Presse No 227

Launch of BCNet website

23/09/2014 The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is pleased to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to the Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) Biobank and Cohort Building Network (BCNet). The BCNet initiative provides an opportunity for LMICs to work together in a coordinated and effective manner to jointly address the many challenges in biobanking infrastructure. The establishment of BCNet is supported by several international organizations and biobanking societies, including the National Cancer Institute - Center for Global Health (NCI-CGH), ISBER, ESBB, BBMRI-ERIC, and AORTIC, which participate in the BCNet Advisory Committee, and funding support is provided by NCI-CGH. The new website will facilitate the sharing of resources (expertise, guidelines, protocols, and standard operating procedures) between BCNet members and partners, encourage the development of joint projects, and foster collaboration. Visit the BCNet website


Planning and Developing Population-Based Cancer Registration in Low- and Middle-Income Settings

26/05/2014 Planning and Developing Population-Based Cancer Registration in Low- and Middle-Income Settings

Authors: F. Bray, A. Znaor, P. Cueva, A. Korir, R. Swaminathan, A. Ullrich, S.A. Wang, and D.M. Parkin

This guidance document provides an overview of the key concepts in cancer registration, covering the steps involved in planning a registry, the sources of information a registry will need to access, methods for ensuring data quality, and how registry results should be reported. It will be of value to those who are seeking to establish a registry or are in the early stages of developing a registry. It covers the major components that need to be thought about when setting up a registry and ensuring that it provides the necessary information for its main stakeholders -especially those involved in cancer control planning.
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