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Cancer causes enormous suffering for patients and the people close to them. It is imperative that we continue to make progress in reducing the burden that cancer imposes on our society. Cancer can be treated, but better still, it can be prevented.

Globally, more than 8 million people died due to cancer in 2012, and it is estimated that more than 50% of all cancer cases could be prevented based on current knowledge (Stewart & Wild, 2014). Cancer can be prevented by minimizing exposure to risk factors and by implementing effective prevention strategies. The cancer burden can also be reduced through screening and early detection. Many cancers have a high rate of cure when they are diagnosed early and treated adequately.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) was established more than 50 years ago, to foster international collaboration in cancer research. Our mission is to coordinate cancer research for cancer prevention, in order to reduce the burden of cancer worldwide. Today, IARC is an integral part of the growing global research community that works together towards this goal.

IARC focuses on several key areas of research for cancer prevention: describing the global burden of cancer by producing high-quality cancer statistics, understanding the causes of cancer by evaluating risk factors, and evaluating interventions (e.g. prevention strategies and screening and early detection programmes) and their implementation. Our particular focus has been on cancer research in developing countries, where cancer incidence is rising and cancer survival is often markedly worse than in other parts of the world. Learn more about IARC′s main areas of cancer research here: IARC Research Sections.

Major progress has been made, but much remains to be done. Your help is important.

How you can help


IARC has produced a set of 12 recommendations to reduce individual cancer risk, based on the best available scientific evidence. See the complete list here: European Code Against Cancer.


Talk to those close to you – your family, friends, and colleagues – and share your knowledge of the healthy behaviours recommended by IARC. As we continue to work to discover new ways of preventing cancer, we also need to spread awareness of the ways of reducing cancer risk that are already known.


Your financial contribution helps us to build and strengthen our research activities. Ultimately, together we can understand cancer better and ensure that it is prevented, detected, and treated as early and as effectively as possible.

Where our money comes from and how we use the funds

IARC receives roughly two thirds of its funding from the regular budget contributions paid by its 26 Participating States. The bulk of the remainder comes from competitive funding through research grants and direct contributions from regional, national, and international partners. In addition, we also receive donations from private individuals who support our cause.

Much of the funding we receive goes towards supporting our work in other countries in collaboration with researchers in the field. See the list of currently active IARC grants and the projects they support here: IARC Active Grants.

For more information on our funding, financial regulations and reports, please visit the Funding page.
Many thanks for your interest in our work and your support in the fight against cancer!

Still have questions?

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about how to support IARC. Please contact the Agency′s Office of the Director of Administration and Finance at daf@iarc.fr.

Support IARC Research

You can make a one-time donation to support the work of IARC through a secure online payment system with your credit card. Please enter the amount and your contact information below. After you click the DONATE button, the form for providing your credit card information will pop up.

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