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GLOBOCAN 2008 Update: Cancer prevalence estimates are now available


The International Agency for Research on Cancer announces today the availability of global cancer prevalence estimates through its GLOBOCAN 2008 website. Cancer prevalence helps provide information on resource needs for patients by measuring the absolute number and the relative proportion in populations of individuals living with the disease and potentially requiring some form of clinical or support service.

The Section of Cancer Information at IARC has estimated five-year prevalence in 2008 and partitioned the estimates according to three different phases of cancer care e.g. initial treatment (within one year), clinical follow-up (two to three years) and cure (four to five years).

The worldwide number of cancer survivors within five years of diagnosis has been estimated to be almost 28.7 million for 2008, with cancers of the breast (over 5 million survivors), prostate (over 3 million survivors) and colon and rectum (over 3 million survivors) the most prevalent cancers. Breast is the most prevalent female cancer in 145 countries and prostate the most prevalent cancer among men in 111 countries.

Facilities for the tabulation and graphical presentation of cancer incidence, mortality and prevalence in 184 countries and according to world region can be accessed via the GLOBOCAN 2008 website: http://globocan.iarc.fr