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World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day 2011: New physical activity guidance can help prevent breast, colon cancers
 4 February, 2011 | Geneva, Lyon — The world can do more to stop people suffering and dying from cancer, such as embracing measures, including new physical activity guidance, that can prevent one-third of the annual 7.6 million cancer deaths,1 as well as providing better services for early detection and treatment of cancer.

On World Cancer Day 2011, the world’s cancer control community is joining forces to promote the wide range of preventive measures that can reduce millions of cases annually.  The World Health Organization‘s new Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health advise that people of all ages can reduce the risk of developing a NCD, including breast and colon cancers, by undertaking various amounts and intensities of physical activity. Almost 460,000 females died from breast cancer in 2008, while close to 610,000 males and females died from colorectal cancer.1