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17 June 2019

IARC Summer School makes lectures available to online observers

This year, for the first time, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is opening the content of its Summer School to a wider audience, by posting video recordings of the main lectures on a dedicated online learning space after each day of classes. The Summer School takes place on 17 June–5 July 2019.

Participants in the IARC Summer School are selected following a highly competitive process. In 2019, 400 applications were received, and 65 candidates were selected to attend the Summer School in Lyon, France. The dedicated learning space for Summer School Observers was created to enable more health and research professionals to benefit from this rich and highly regarded learning event.

The aim of the IARC Summer School is to stimulate research in cancer epidemiology and cancer prevention by improving scientific knowledge and developing skills among researchers worldwide. Special attention is given to countries where resources for the control of chronic diseases in general and cancer in particular are limited. By helping to develop local expertise and by strengthening research institutions through international collaborations, IARC aims to enhance cancer prevention.

The faculty members of the IARC Summer School are a combination of IARC scientists and external invited specialists, in particular from the World Health Organization.

To access the online learning space for Summer School Observers, register by creating a new account on the platform, free of charge.

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