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23 January 2020

World Cancer Report: research highlights and what’s exciting

World Cancer Report: Cancer Research for Cancer Prevention will be published on 4 February 2020, World Cancer Day. In preparation for the launch of the book, new materials have been made available on the World Cancer Report webpage: “Research highlights from the new World Cancer Report” and “For the researcher: What’s exciting about the new World Cancer Report”.

The nine highlights of the research documented in the new World Cancer Report include what is specified about assessing cancer risk as well as progressing from these findings to preventive interventions.

The information for the researcher outlines what’s exciting in the new World Cancer Report related to the global cancer burden and its causation, factors determining cancer development and prevention, and increasing options for cancer prevention.

View Research highlights

View What’s exciting

View the World Cancer Report webpage


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Publication date: 23 January, 2020, 16:20

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